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As a business owner or accountant, calculating VAT is an essential part of your job.  Due to the ever-changing rules of VAT, it can be challenging to calculate VAT in Scotland. But with the help of a VAT calculator Scotland, you can easily calculate the VAT for your business in Scotland.


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VAT Rate 20%

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The rate of VAT is similar in the rest of the UK and Scotland which is 20% in the current situation. Some items like postage stamps, lottery tickets, and some medical equipment are exempted from VAT. Some certain goods and services have a reduced VAT rate of 5%, such as children’s car seats and home energy.

So, being an experienced person or a beginner, you need to read out this article to learn how to calculate VAT in Scotland.

How to Calculate Standard VAT in Scotland?

Calculating standard VAT in Scotland is a relatively simple process. Based on the UK VAT rate which is 20%, you can easily calculate it. To calculate standard VAT in Scotland, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Identify the VAT-inclusive price of the goods or services you are selling or buying.
  • Divide the VAT-inclusive price by 1.2, which will give you the VAT-exclusive price.
  • Subtract the VAT-exclusive price from the VAT-inclusive price to get the VAT amount.

For example, if you are selling a product for £100, the VAT-inclusive price would be £120 (100+20%). To calculate the VAT amount, divide £120 by 1.2, which gives you a VAT-exclusive price of £100. Then, subtract £100 from £120 to get the VAT amount of £20.

How to Calculate Reduced VAT in Scotland

To calculate reduced VAT in Scotland, you need to know the current rate of reduced VAT. As of 2021, the reduced VAT rate is set at 5%. After finding the items that are under the reduced VAT category, you can use the following formula for the calculation:

Reduced VAT amount = Total amount x (5 ÷ 100)

For example, if you are selling energy-saving light bulbs for £100, the reduced VAT amount would be calculated as follows:

  • Reduced VAT amount = £100 x (5 ÷ 100) = £5

Therefore, the total price including reduced VAT would be £105.

How to Calculate Zero-Rated VAT in Scotland?

When you are going to calculate zero-rated tax on Scotland’s goods, first you should know which product is entitled to this particular tax. Books, kid’s clothes, newspapers, food items and drinks, and medical equipment are not under VAT in Scotland that’s why called zero-rated VAT items.

When it is confirmed that the item is included in zero-rated products then you can multiply the price of the item with zero to calculate the zero-rated VAT.

How to Calculate Exempt VAT in Scotland?

To calculate exempt VAT in Scotland, you first need to identify which goods or services are exempt. With the assistance of the HM Revenue and Customs website, you can attain the list of exempted items. After identifying the exempted items, you can remove the VAT amount from the exact amount of the product.

How to Use a VAT Calculator in Scotland?

Using a VAT calculator in Scotland is a simple and efficient way to calculate your VAT payments. You can use a VAT calculator when you have some information about your business and the goods you provide. Here are the steps to using a VAT calculator in Scotland:

  • Enter your gross sales figure: This is the total amount of sales you have made, including VAT, for the period you are calculating.
  • Choose your VAT rate: In Scotland, there are three VAT rates – standard rate (20%), reduced rate (5%), and zero rates (0%). Choose the applicable VAT rate for your goods or services.
  • Calculate VAT: The VAT calculator will then automatically calculate the VAT payable on your gross sales figure, based on the VAT rate you have selected.
  • Calculate net sales figure: The VAT calculator will deduct the VAT payable from your gross sales figure to give you the net sales figure.

Resources for Further Information on VAT in Scotland

Here are a few that are recommended:

  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website: This is the go-to source for all VAT-related information in the UK.
  • Scottish Government website: The Scottish Government website has a section dedicated to tax and revenue, which includes information on VAT in Scotland.
  • Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT): The ATT is a leading professional body for tax advisers in the UK.
  • Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT): The CIOT is another professional body for tax advisers in the UK.
  • VAT Calculator Scotland: There are several online VAT calculators that you can use to work out your VAT liability in Scotland.


By using a reliable VAT calculator Scotland, you can ensure that your business is accurately calculating and charging VAT on all relevant transactions. This not only assists you to escape from fines but also makes it conceivable for you to retain agreement with VAT laws and win the trust of your clients.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or queries. Thank you!

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