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If love to travel that can be a good experience but all in all, it can be pricy also. So, who doesn’t want to save money while traveling or while doing their shopping? For this purpose, you can claim a VAT refund service to save your hard-earned money.


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It is good news for those who are not residents of VAT-paying countries that they don’t have to pay VAT for purchasing goods. On the flip side, it can be challenging to the process to complete the VAT refund calculation. But you don’t need to worry because a VAT refund calculator is here to kill all your worries.

I will show you how to calculate your VAT refund, and what documents you need to claim your refund.

Which Countries Offer VAT Refunds?

Undoubtedly, a VAT refund is an amazing token to save your hard-earned money while traveling or shopping. But unfortunately, this opportunity is not available in worldwide countries.  Almost all European countries including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Australia offer this refund.

As we know that each state and country has its own rules and regulations when it’s to VAT refunds. The VAT refund amount can be more or less according to the regulations of that particular state. So, when deciding to travel anywhere in the world, you must check the VAT refund rules in that country to save your money to enjoy other things instead of shopping o]r traveling.

If you’re Eligible for a VAT Refund or Not

It would be best to use a VAT calculator but first, you should check if you are eligible for this fund or not. For instance, if you are not a European resident then you are eligible for a VAT refund and you can easily take all the mirth to make your trip to that country.

For example, some items are not eligible for VAT refunds, such as food and drink, and services like hotel stays or transportation. In addition to it, some countries entail a minimum purchase threshold to make it clear that now you are confirmed for a VAT refund for the next purchase.

One tip is to look for stores that display a “Tax-Free Shopping” sign, as these are often the ones that participate in VAT refund programs. You should ask for a VAT refund form from the store and fill it in with your particular information, and the details of your purchase. Always make sure that you have all your receipts and paperwork for the entitlement of your refund.

How to Use a VAT Refund Calculator?

To calculate the VAT refund, you will fill in the amount of the product that you have bought and the rate of the VAT of that particular country. Then, select the currency you paid in and the currency you want to receive your refund. The calculator will then show you the amount of VAT you can claim back.

It’s essential to check that some items, such as food and drinks, are not included in a VAT refund. But, some countries offer the least purchase amount for VAT refunds, so must check the necessities before making a claim.

The use of a VAT refund calculator will aid you to check how much money you can save on your trips. It’s a modest tool that can figure out a big distinction in your travel budget. So, before you make your next purchase out of the country, must use a VAT refund calculator to check how much you can be entitled to a refund.

Tips for Maximizing VAT Refunds

Maximizing your VAT refund is a great way to save money on your travels. Here are some guidelines to assist you to attain the most out of your refund:

  • Shop at stores that offer a high VAT rate – Different countries have different VAT rates, so make sure to shop at stores that offer a high VAT rate to maximize your refund.
  • Know the minimum spend requirements – Most countries have a minimum spend requirement to qualify for a VAT refund, make sure to know the minimum spend requirements before making your purchases.
  • Keep all your receipts – You can only claim a VAT refund if you have the original receipt, so make sure to keep all your receipts in a safe place.
  • Fill out the paperwork correctly – It is important to fill up the form accurately to certify that you will get your VAT refund. For this purpose, you should check all the instructions given there.
  • Get your paperwork stamped – Most countries require that you get your paperwork stamped at the airport before leaving the country, so make sure to get your paperwork stamped to ensure that you receive your VAT refund.

By following these instructions, you can enhance your VAT refund and protect money on your journeys.

When to Use a VAT Refund Calculator?

It’s important to know when to use a VAT refund calculator to save money on your travels. So, when you are going out from your home or country, then there is a possibility that you can avail of a VAT refund on your shopping during the tour. One thing that is important to tell you here is that you should always prefer a country whose VAT rate is higher than your homeland.

With the assistance of a VAT refund calculator, you can examine how much amount you can save by claiming a VAT refund on your products. You can have an estimate of the amount that you can claim for your specific purchases or the whole refund on your overall shopping.

It’s vital to note that there are definite limitations and necessities for claiming a VAT refund, so it’s significant to read up on the rubrics and guidelines before making any purchases.


Using a VAT refund calculator is a simple and effective way to save money while traveling. By inputting your purchases and destination, you can easily calculate the amount of VAT you’re eligible to claim back, and then use this information to make informed purchasing decisions.

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